8-Track Mind #92 (Zine, 1997)

GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker:

8-Track Mind was a publication dedicated to the nostalgic charm and underestimated complexity of 8-track tapes. This issue was unique in its format, labelled as “The All-Letters Issue”, it featured 40 letters from readers and contributors, including notable names like Lynn Peril, Creepy Mike, and Dan Kroha.

Each letter was met with a thoughtful response, fostering a sense of community and dialogue that is often missing in conventional publications. These exchanges ranged from personal anecdotes and reflections on the 8-track era to deeper discussions about the cultural and technological implications of this often-dismissed format.

Review from Zine Guide #2

The issue also included a brief about Russ Forster’s film, “So Wrong They’re Right”. A 92-minute documentary that chronicled a 10,000-mile journey around America to meet with fellow 8-track enthusiasts. This inclusion further emphasized the magazine’s commitment to celebrating and exploring the world of 8-track tapes.

With a circulation of 700 and a digest format, Issue #92 of “8-Track Mind” was a testament to the enduring appeal of zines in an increasingly digital age. Despite its niche subject matter, the zine attracted a diverse readership, reflecting the broad appeal of 8-track tapes and the culture surrounding them.

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