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  • Petite Victory Collective

    Petite Victory Collective

    Petite Victory Collective, based in Lisbon, Portugal, is a distinctive independent label and collective that has been making waves in the electronic music scene since its inception in 2021. Under the leadership of president Guillaume Blanjean, they have successfully explored a diverse range of electronic sub-genres, including but not limited to minimal house, dark electronic,…

  • Flint Knippel – Flood Victim (cassette, 1994)

    Flint Knippel – Flood Victim (cassette, 1994)

    No.859 Flint Knippel’s 1994 cassette release, “Flood Victim”, is an intriguing exploration of improvised music that treads the line between structure and chaos. The album, which appears to be a document of one or several live performances, presents a compelling journey into the realm of electric guitar-based improvisation. “Flood Victim” ventures quite a bit into…

  • Gamegerming With the K.O. II

    Gamegerming With the K.O. II

    If you’re familiar with Tapegerm and its relatively new game, you may be interested to know that it plays well with Teenage Engineering’s new K.O. II EP-133 sample composer device. The featured image is a screenshot of it’s Sample Tool which is TE’s handy way of managing samples. When you play a game with tapegerms…

  • Seiten Recipe

    Seiten Recipe

    I found this on the ground the other day while walking my dog, Mara. Don’t forget 1/3 cup hooch (#2).

  • Club Records

    Club Records

    Club Records, an independent, queer-owned label, was initially started as a joke by Hannah Judge and Michael Watson. The two were part of bands named chemical club and fanclubwallet, respectively, and decided to release a collaborative song under the moniker “Club Records,” a nod to the ‘club’ in both their band names. The label soon…

  • Various Artists – Harmony in Your Head (cassette, 1988)

    Various Artists – Harmony in Your Head (cassette, 1988)

    No.1801 GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, 4/1/1989: This is a compilation tape put together by Tim Alborn of Incite! It’s apparent to me that that zine is borne simply out of the love of doing it– and this tape gives me the same feeling. Bands represented are: High Risk Group, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Ed’s Redeeming…

  • Glass Beach – The First Glass Beach Album (cassette, 2020)

    Glass Beach – The First Glass Beach Album (cassette, 2020)

    Listing #4194 GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker: “The First Glass Beach Album” by Glass Beach is a unique sonic experience that transcends genre boundaries. This debut album showcases the band’s ability to blend various musical styles seamlessly, creating an eclectic sound that’s hard to categorize but easy to enjoy. The album takes listeners on a…

There seems to be structure; but it’s obliterated by a mix that strangles the music when the vocalist comes

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