GAJOOB Zine was first published in print in 1988 by Bryan Baker (that’s me) with a focus on DiY musicians, home recording and networking/collaborating.

GAJOOB was online well before the world wide web on BBS’s and then with web pages soon after its introduction. The DiY Report was an early email newsletter that was sent freely to thousands of subscribers.

I also hosted Cassette Culture Shock, a 3-hour radio show on local KRCL community radio, playing music mostly on cassette (a couple cassette decks were brought into the studio for my show).

Many related projects such as Tapegerm and homemademusic.com have taken off over the years.

The GAJOOB library contains thousands of underground albums on cassette and CDR sent to my post office box. I’m diligently curating and making as much of these items as I can in the time I have left available here.

My plan is to spend my retirement years doing just that. If you know of any benefactors who wish to support such a worthy endeavor, please make contact.

Otherwise, you may exit through the shop if you wish to lend some support — thank you!