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  • Sarah Coolidge – Call Me When You Get There (Digital, 2023)

    Sarah Coolidge – Call Me When You Get There (Digital, 2023)

    Interview by Briyan Frederick I love your new song, Greasers. It’s loaded with dichotomy and I’m not sure who this person is, which I like. Probably they are unsure as well. It contains vivid portraits. The one where two friends are smoking fake cigarettes and being too cool for school is one I’ve been in.…

  • Jim Shelley Interview (GAJOOB #10, 1992)

    Jim Shelley Interview (GAJOOB #10, 1992)

    GAJOOB: How did you get started in home recording?  Jim Shelley: It’s kind of cloudy now when I think back on how I got started in home recording. I know that I loved music since I was a little teeny kid. My parents bought me a cheesy Sears acoustic guitar one Christmas and I’ve been trying…

  • Rotcod Zzaj & Jeff Olson – Whistlepoot Junction

    Rotcod Zzaj & Jeff Olson – Whistlepoot Junction

    Interview by Bryan Baker with Dick Metcalf, 2015 If you don’t mind, I’d like to interview you about the album Whistlepoot Junction. What year was this created? I believe it was around 1992… it was my second tape/CD with Jeff Olson… we did “nEW dIRECTIONS” first. How did you first come to know Jeff Olson?…

  • Dave Fuglewicz Interview (Improvijazzation Nation)

    Dave Fuglewicz Interview (Improvijazzation Nation) I believe this interview is from the mid-1990’s, judging from the content.

  • Packet In Internet Band Interview (2015)

    Packet In Internet Band Interview (2015)

    This interview was conducted in the forums at in 2015. It centers on an online collaboration project the participants called “Packet In” BRYAN: I’m gathering, following links from and other places and making some (possibly incorrect) assumptions, that you’re the lyricist for the Packet In project and maybe the webmaster. Are you also…

  • Mark Gunderson Interview (1994)

    Mark Gunderson Interview (1994)

    This interview, reprinted from Vivisect Magazine July 1994, was sent to us by Mark gunderson and published on The following is an interview conducted via mail and printed in the July 1994 issue (#13) of Vivisect, a magazine from Melbourne Australia reporting on all sorts of interest music. It’s actually the letter I sent…

  • Daniel Prendiville Interview (1999)

    This interview by Michael J. Bowman was originally published at in 1999. You can find Daniel Prendiville’s duvet in Nenagh, Ireland: and when he’s not residing in it, he’s recording some of the best euro-pop I’ve heard since the demise of HAIRCUT 100 (???!!?!!? , Kajagoogoo, surely – djp). I’ll give you, dear Gajoob…

  • Malok Interview, 1990

    Malok Interview, 1990

    Interview conducted June 1990 (it’s timeless, trust me) by Jake Berry The first part of this interview was published in GAJOOB #7 where, for some elusive reason, the latter two-thirds of the interview was cut off! While going through my notes found in various boxes while moving to my current home, I happened upon the…

  • Angela Sandberg Interview

    Angela Sandberg Interview

    I met Angela at Grid Zine Fest 2022 in Salt Lake City and went away with her You Are A Robot comic and spiraled down to her band Putty and their decade-old album called Happy Sparks featuring the song on which the comic was based. We have to know more… GAJOOB: I met you at…

They say there’s a song inspired by William Shatner, the Blair Witch Project and Spinal

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