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  • Dino DiMuro Remembers Cassette Culture

    Dino DiMuro Remembers Cassette Culture

  • A Look into the Past: and the March 1981 Edition of Electronics & Music Maker

    A Look into the Past: and the March 1981 Edition of Electronics & Music Maker

    In the era before MIDI and digital audio workstations, making electronic music was a vastly different experience. is a captivating portal that transports us back to this fascinating period in music history. The site hosts a comprehensive compilation of out-of-print music production magazines from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, providing a unique insight into…

  • Grindhard Radio

    Grindhard Radio

    GrindHard Radio (GHR) is a dynamic platform that brings the best of Hip-Hop culture, news, and music right at your fingertips. Hosted by a stellar panel that includes Jit Chronicles, Cata’ Mafioso, Mz. Chief, Razor, JR Stunna, Cobra Immortal, Dopeazzmuzik, and DJ Sgt Rock, GHR is more than just a radio show – it’s a…

  • DiY Report #78

    DiY Report #78

    November 9, 1998 Independent music promotion. NOTES It’s hot. It’s really, really, hot. PROMOTING YOURSELF by Bryan Baker, GAJOOB Media We are defining the future of independent music today. This is a unique period for independent musicians. With so many new avenues for promotion being open before us, it is suddenly in our own hands…

  • Olinthus


    Olinthus is a vibrant collective of musicians, designers, and engineers dedicated to bringing innovative products and experiences to life. Their mission is to inspire creativity, spread joy, and incite laughter through their unique offerings. The team at Olinthus is not your typical group of creatives. They are passionate about their craft and committed to pushing…

How can I find even more underground and unknown songs?Tom Dahl (Caddy)

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