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  • Review: “Fluss” by Bram Bos

    Review: “Fluss” by Bram Bos

    As a musician who has dabbled with an array of unconventional synths and sounds, I found Bram Bos’ Fluss to be an exhilarating exploration into the realm of granular synthesis. Designed in collaboration with Hainbach, this iOS app is more than just a synthesizer and effect processor; it’s a sonic playground that beckons you to…

  • Hainbach – SK-1 Dreams (Digital, 2023)

    Hainbach – SK-1 Dreams (Digital, 2023)

    No.5217 GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker: Berlin-based producer, Hainbach, known for his innovative use of obscure and vintage equipment, has released yet another evocotive work, “SK-1 Dreams”. Released on November 13, 2023, the album is a collection of pieces recorded in the tranquil setting of Hydra, Greece. The music reflects the quietude of the location,…

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