Petite Victory Collective

Petite Victory Collective, based in Lisbon, Portugal, is a distinctive independent label and collective that has been making waves in the electronic music scene since its inception in 2021. Under the leadership of president Guillaume Blanjean, they have successfully explored a diverse range of electronic sub-genres, including but not limited to minimal house, dark electronic, ambient, Surrealist, and DAWless music.

What sets Petite Victory Collective apart from many other labels is their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. They are not just about creating great music; they also aim to support ecological initiatives through their work. This is done through music compilations and various events, demonstrating a unique blend of creativity and environmental consciousness.

In addition to their environmental initiatives, Petite Victory Collective maintains a strong connection with their supporters through the periodic release of Petite Victory Collective Magazine. This publication serves as a token of appreciation for their fans, artists, and collectors, further establishing the collective’s community-centric approach.

The collective’s discography boasts EPs and albums from a variety of artists such as Deega, AWITW, Ikigai Cosmonaut, HANJŌ, among others. Their collaborations extend beyond their roster of artists, having worked with organizations like Hardware Jams.

Petite Victory Collective’s decentralized approach challenges traditional label structures. They prioritize fostering strong relationships with their artists, fans, and collectors, which is evident in their ongoing efforts to engage and give back to their community.

Petite Victory Collective is more than just a music label; they are a community of music lovers, artists, and environmental advocates striving to redefine the path of a modern label. They embody a unique fusion of music, community, and environmental stewardship that sets them apart in today’s music industry.

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