Naaki Soul – Nylon Songs


(CD, Digital, 2023)

GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker:

Emerging from Brisbane, Australia, Naaki Soul’s “Nylon Songs,” released in 2023, strikes a chord with its unique blend of post-punk guitar sounds and emotive vocals. This album, produced and recorded by Christopher Brownbill at Underground Audio, is as much an exploration of genre boundaries as it is a showcase of Naaki Soul’s distinct musical style.

The album kicks off with “Dreaming at Dawn,” setting the stage for the sonic journey that lies ahead. With tracks like “Valley Song” and “Summer Palace,” the listener is treated to a mix of punk, grunge angst, and chartreuse soul pop – a testament to Naaki Soul’s versatility as an artist.

Arguably, one of the standout tracks is “Likened Me to Baby’s Breath.” It begins with a beautiful blend of clean guitars with a hint of overdrive, before erupting into an emotional frenzy. The track is further enhanced by a unique deathcore backing vocal, creating a soundscape that is both thrilling and unexpected.

The use of monologues and dialogues interspersed throughout the album adds an extra layer of poetic depth to the listening experience. These snippets imbue the album with a flickering noir sense, adding a cinematic diary quality to the music.

“Stop It You’re Splitting Again,” is stripped vocal and stunted acoustic guitar, joined by layers of tiny synths and then a winding chorus of vocals full of complexity, and raw energy.

“Nylon Songs” is a a testament to Naaki Soul’s talent and creativity. The album showcases a wide range of influences and styles, resulting in a sound that is uniquely Naaki Soul’s own. For those who appreciate post-punk, grunge, and soul pop – or for anyone looking to discover something new and exciting – “Nylon Songs” is a must-listen.

Media: CD, Digital.

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