The Tapegerm Collective


Tapegerm started in 1999 as an idea for paying creative tribute to the albums in GAJOOB’s cassette library. The plan was to create pages where artists could download audio loops extracted from an album and create something new based on those sounds. It would be an evolving, living work where these creations were continuously given new life and appreciated in new ways from new perspectives.

After putting up a few album pages and inviting artists frequenting GAJOOB’S message board and others to participate, an album called of material soon was created and made available.

More than a handful of us began discussing taking this idea and turning it into a continuing project where each artist would drop a set of loops into a collective pool each month and create a new recording from it.

And so The Tapegerm Collective was born.

Currently the project is still active in the sense that over 500 projects are available for participation. Artists can set up free profiles and download audio and upload creations to evolving projects. However, the activity has been in a holding pattern for several years, awaiting some kind of spark from people inspired by it once again.







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It is basically the sound of a man having a nervous breakdown. But I generally do some of my best work when I’m hovering on the edge of insanity.Jim Shelley

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