Bel Argosy – Let’s hear it for Bel Argosy (Cassette, digital, 2013)



Billy Lopez (vocals, guitar) started the band with Julian Graham (drums), Chris Cumming (bass) and Beau Alessi (lead guitar) in late 2010 after deciding it was probably a good idea to get this sort of thing out of his system before he turned 30. Fun fact: Bel Argosy rehearses in the attic of the rectory of an Episcopal church. Enclosed is a copy of our new cassette EP, Let’s Hear It For Bel Argosy. It’s the first tape we’ve ever done, but not the first LP — we put out a vinyl 7″ record last year which was met with sesounding acclaim within the community of people who write blogs about free records they get in the mail. This time around we’re really trying to focus our promotion on a smaller, more elite group — people who still have tape players in their stereos/cars. Can you help us out?

GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker:

“Let’s Hear It For Bel Argosy,” the 2013 release from Bel Argosy, is a compelling thrust into the realm of post-punk music that demands attention and holds it. This six-song EP, available on both cassette and digital platforms (it’s free on bandcamp), is an energetic exploration of guitar-driven music that impresses with its upbeat tempo and infectious hooks.

The album kicks off with a blast of guitars, drums, bass, and vocals, setting a high-octane tone that persists throughout the entire EP. There’s a certain rawness to the production that lends a sense of authenticity to the tracks, making them feel more like live performances than studio recordings. This is particularly evident in the slack, singalong choruses that are propelled with a palpable energy and enthusiasm.

The band, started by Billy Lopez (vocals, guitar) in late 2010 along with Julian Graham (drums), Chris Cumming (bass), and Beau Alessi (lead guitar), brings a ratcheted dynamic to the table. Their chemistry is apparent in their tight-knit performance, with each member contributing to the overall sound while also standing out in their own right.

Did I say this is a rush? This is the kind of tape you keep in your car to save on gas!

Despite the band’s tongue-in-cheek approach to self-promotion, there’s a sincerity to their music that can’t be denied. They clearly have a deep love for what they do, and it shines through in every track. From the raucous guitar riffs to the catchy vocal melodies, every element of “Let’s Hear It For Bel Argosy” feels like a celebration of made-up myths and kid-legends (and sometimes girlz).

“Let’s Hear It For Bel Argosy” is an impressive release that showcases the band’s undeniable vigorverve and passion for music. Whether you’re a fan of post-punk or just looking for something new to listen to, this EP is worth checking out.

UPDATE: Also, for fans of cool kids animated TV, Billy is the creator of Welcome To the Wayne and other stuff.

Media: Cassette, digital.

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The prospect of actually remixing a real song was quite exiting, and revived the feeling I had when I would finish one of those early songs and realise I actually created something new, even if it sounded terrible.Polish Rhino