Right Brain Records: Championing Uncharted Musical Territories

Right Brain Records, a nonprofit label, stands as a beacon for those artists who dare to venture into uncharted musical territories. The label serves as a platform for musicians to express their unique inner voices in the moment, fostering an environment that encourages musical exploration and experimentation.

The ethos of Right Brain Records is rooted in the promotion of novel ideas and genres such as free improvisation, exploratory jazz, experimental music, and contemporary interpretations of rock and world music. This approach invites a diverse array of artists, each contributing their distinct sound and perspective to the label’s eclectic catalogue.

One of the standout features of Right Brain Records is its streamlined process for publishing creative, non-commercial music. Artists are encouraged to retain the rights to their music and keep the sales proceeds. The label operates on a model where production costs are covered through donations and sales of compilation albums. This supportive structure allows artists to focus on their creativity without the burden of financial constraints.

Apart from its role as a music label, Right Brain Records also hosts the Right Brain Music Podcast. This regular feature is dedicated to showcasing music from artists who excel in improvised forms. The podcast serves as an auditory journey into the world of experimental music, providing listeners with an immersive experience that goes beyond the usual confines of genre and structure.

Additionally, fans can stay connected with the label through various channels. They can stream or download albums from RBR artists, subscribe to the Right Brain Music Podcast, and join the label’s e-list for updates on new music and free music downloads. Right Brain Records values privacy and ensures that all subscriber information remains confidential.

In conclusion, Right Brain Records offers more than just a collection of music; it provides a space for artists and audiences to explore the boundaries of musical expression. Its commitment to supporting non-commercial music and promoting uncharted territories makes it a unique and vital presence in the world of music.

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