Rob Skane – Into Your Soul (Cassette, 1990)




This tape was recorded and mixed In two fun-filled days at Sweetfish Studios. To be quite honest, I had enough of playing dead-end bands that couldn’t put my ideas across the way I originally intended. So, I thought I’d try it myself. Hopefully, people will enjoy listening to it, and I welcome letters from anyone interested enough to write . I’d also like to thank Mike Travis for helping me out by playing drums and offering some good ideas.

GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker:

Unearthing hidden gems from the past has always been a fascinating journey, and Rob Skane’s 1990 cassette release, “Into Your Soul”, is no exception. This album, recorded and mixed in two fun-filled days at Sweetfish Studios, is an unadulterated exploration of Skane’s musical prowess.

“Into Your Soul” is a robust offering that captures the essence of guitar rock ‘n’ roll songs in their purest form. The production has a full-bodied sound that, despite its boxy nature, manages to deliver a warm and booming drum experience. This intriguing sonic texture adds a certain charm to the album, making it a real treat for the listeners.

The instrumental arrangements are well fleshed-out, performed with an energy and passion that’s palpable. The tracks don’t just play; they come alive, painting a vivid soundscape that pulls you into Skane’s world of music.

One particular standout is the track “Untouchable”. It’s a captivating number that hooks you in with its catchy rhythm, and keeps you hooked with a snaky lead that weaves through the song like a narrative thread. It’s a testament to Skane’s ability to craft tunes that resonate and stay with the listener.

What makes “Into Your Soul” special is how Skane makes it all sound like the interplay of a confident band. Skane, who had grown tired of playing in dead-end bands that couldn’t convey his ideas as he intended, decided to take matters into his own hands. The album feels like a cohesive unit, each track contributing to a larger, more complete picture of Skane’s musical vision.

Skane’s collaborator Mike Travis deserves mention as well. His drumming skills and valuable inputs significantly contribute to the overall appeal of the album.

“Into Your Soul” is a refreshing dive into the roots of rock ‘n’ roll, delivered with sincerity and a palpable passion for music. It’s an album that not only entertains but also showcases Rob Skane’s creative capabilities. Highly recommended for those seeking a unique musical experience.

Media: Cassette.





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