Signature Sounds (free loops)

Signature Sounds offers a load of free loops and one shots from this musician’s creations over many years. Judging from the titles of the packs below the selections appear to be curated by someone really into recording everything around. The field recordings are from around Edinburgh, Scotland. The only ask is a donation if you can.

  • Loop And Midi Mixture Vol.1
  • Sleigh Bell One Shots
  • Light Waves Crashing On Shores FX
  • Perc’ Beach
  • Passing Trains Recordings
  • Cowbells & FX
  • Planes And Helicopters Overhead.
  • Chocolate Bar Snaps
  • Roadside Recordings
  • Beach Recordings
  • Porcelain
  • Broken Lightbulb Percussion One Shots
  • Smash Percussion Kit
  • Pots And Pans Drum Kit
  • Black Pepper One Shots
  • White Noise SFX
  • Rain And Thunder Recordings
  • Coffee Shop Ambience
  • Football Stadium Recordings
  • Grocery Store Recordings
  • Choirs Of Life
  • CC0 Orchestral
  • Key Shake One Shots
  • Forest Organics Kit
  • Coca Cola Drum Kit
  • Piano Chords + Midi
  • Atmospheric Mallets
  • Futura
  • Loops Of Ambience
  • Mall Recordings
  • Airport Recordings
  • City Recordings
  • Abstract Leads
  • Foley FX Drum Kit
  • Home Made Drum Kit







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From the first moments, listeners are enveloped in a muffled blanket of magnesium oxide, where random audio snippets—voices, sounds, mechanical clicks, and clacks of Walkmans—create a collage that feels both familiar and disorientingly

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