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  • Various Artists – Various Artists – The Vision of Twilight (Digital, 2023)

    Various Artists – Various Artists – The Vision of Twilight (Digital, 2023)

    GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, : This compilation project features music from 34 different Electronic Cottage artists from all over the world, compiled and mastered by Chris Phinney of Mental Anguish. Media: Digital. PRICE: $1 or more Visit Harsh Reality Music Bandcamp URL: https://harshrealitymusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-vision-of-twilight-compilation <a href=”https://harshrealitymusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-vision-of-twilight-compilation”>The Vision Of Twilight Compilation by Harsh Reality Music</a> Jay…

  • Sarah Coolidge – Sports Fan (Cassette, 2020)

    Sarah Coolidge – Sports Fan (Cassette, 2020)

    GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, : Watch for review in a future posting. Media: Cassette. PRICE: 7.00 Bandcamp URL: https://sarahcoolidge.bandcamp.com/album/sports-fan Sports Fan by Sarah Coolidge

  • BIGCAT – Atlas (Cassette, 2022)

    BIGCAT – Atlas (Cassette, 2022)

    #5123 GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker: BIGCAT’s latest release, “Atlas,” is a beautiful collection of tracks that incorporate drones, tiny synth melodics, synthscapes, chopped percussion, field recordings, and more. This experimental project, based out of Oakland, CA, blends drone, glitch beats derived from sampled percussive objects, field recordings, and found sounds in a way that…

  • Mental Anguish – Broken (Digital, 2021)

    Mental Anguish – Broken (Digital, 2021)

    #4239 ARTIST/LABEL NOTES: Recorded between November 8th 2020 thru May 10th 2021 Eight tracks of sound sculptures, or sound paintings, call it what you will to paint a picture of your own in your mind, where you the listener interpret the title in your minds own sculpturistic way. I do hope you enjoy it. My…

  • Tom Furgas & Chris Phinney – Crepusculum Tempus (Digital, 2022)

    Tom Furgas & Chris Phinney – Crepusculum Tempus (Digital, 2022)

    #5121 ARTISTS/LABEL NOTES: A collaboration between Tom Furgas & Chris Phinney of glitch & minimalist synths, with fx. Tom Furgas – glitch electronics with Soundplant sampler. cover art. Chris Phinney, synths,fx, final mix & production at Harsh Reality Music. Recorded November, 2022 tomfurgas1.bandcamp.com GAJOOB REVIEW BY BRYAN BAKER: Chris Phinney’s recent collaborations have him painting…

  • Susan D’s Art Vlog

    Susan D’s Art Vlog

    I came across Susan D’s art vlog while browsing YouTube today. She is a dutch creative living in Amsterdam. I loved the feeling of her first vlog from March 2021 in which she begins vlogging about the “plein air” drawing process, complete with the inevitable struggle against the very thing you are attempting to capture.

  • Brand New Noise

    Brand New Noise

    Richard Upchurch made a simple audio recording unit housed in a wooden box for his nephew who took it to school. Then several teachers wanted one. And before he new it, he was making and designing new music and sound gizmos for a living. The Krankie featured below is just one of the instruments that…

  • Daniel Prendiville Tapegerms

    Daniel Prendiville Tapegerms

    Tapegerm guest artist projects offered a set of loops and sounds for recording artists to download and create something new using one or more of the sources. Albums were compiled that had a unique sound; diverse by way of the different artists participating, while also having common elements that gave each collection a kind of…

  • Arturia MiniFreak

    Arturia MiniFreak

    Arturia’s MiniFreak 6-voice synthesizer comes as a nice surprise to many of us synth crazy home recording artists. In many ways it’s an upgrade from the awesome little MicroFreak. The name gives that away. But in many ways it’s getting its own freak on. Like many of you other synth crazy unfortunates reading this, I…

  • Email From Prof. Oddfellow (22.10.09)

    Email From Prof. Oddfellow (22.10.09)

    Hi Bryan, How fun to see some of our old recordings show up via the Ken Clinger archives!  We still collaborate with Ken … and in case these clips are new to you, we crafted a 4-part video of his story about Smiling Pillow, Esperanto Kitty, and Flying Carpet: https://www.oneletterwords.com/weblog/?id=65114 https://www.oneletterwords.com/weblog/?id=65115 https://www.oneletterwords.com/weblog/?id=65116 https://www.oneletterwords.com/weblog/?id=65117 And then…

They say there’s a song inspired by William Shatner, the Blair Witch Project and Spinal Tap.gajoobzine.com/albums/monkey-power-trio-future-past-present-vinyl-2001/

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