Tapegerm Collective – Global Loop Madness Volume Two (CD, 2002)

The tracks on this a CD set were created on the internet by artists located in various parts of the world. The artists in The Tapegerm Collective have made dozens of custom Loops available for free download from tapegerm.com for artists outside the group to join us in creating new recordings

While these tracks utilize a single (albeit large) set of original Tapegerne loops, the tracks manage to flow throughout the set, with themes reappearing on many tracks, giving the album a conceptual feel.

Tapegerm shows how rewarding making music with dozens of people scattered around the world can be and how creative efforts blossom within the networking framework of the internet. This album was conceived and completed in just one month it represents

Tapegerm’s 36th album in its 2-year existence… 

Thanks to all those who participated. And visit tapgerm.com for a new set of loops and let’s hear your mixes!

Tapegerm 2002







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