Linda Smith & Nancy Andrews – A Passing Cloud (Digital, 2023)

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“A Passing Cloud” is an album that emerges from the creative reconnection of two seasoned artists, Linda Smith and Nancy Andrews. Released on March 17, 2023, this album marks a significant point in both their careers, as it is their first collaborative project in nearly three decades.

The album’s genesis is a story of rediscovery and rekindled friendship. In 2020, Linda stumbled upon old tapes of Nancy’s songs from the 90s, which sparked the idea of this collaborative project. The entire songwriting process was a fascinating journey, with the duo flipping through Nancy’s pulp fiction collection for inspiration and crafting new stories from personal, feminist perspectives.

The result is an album that beautifully captures the essence of DIY home recording, with its raw, authentic sound that harks back to their roots in the 80s and 90s. “A Passing Cloud” is a testament to the power of artistic collaboration and the enduring bond between these two artists. The music is lovely and beguiling, with an intimacy that draws listeners in.

The tracks stand out for their carefully rendered intimacy, which is a product of the long-distance musical conversation between Maine and Maryland during the late pandemic. Despite the isolation, the album exudes a warmth and closeness that is truly captivating.

In short, “A Passing Cloud” is a remarkable album, a labor of love born out of isolation, and a testament to the enduring creativity of Linda Smith and Nancy Andrews. It is a welcome return for these two artists, whose shared history and artistic vision shine through in every track.

This album reminds us that good music can transcend time and distance, and that artistic collaboration can produce something truly special even in the most challenging circumstances.





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