Homemade Music Mix.One – The Birth of Tapegerm

This was a project that took place in 1999 on homemademusic.com which formed the start of the Tapegerm Collective.

Participating artists were Linda Smith, Arthur Loves Plastic (Bev Stanton), Baneemy, Briyan Frederick (aka Bryan Baker), J Mundok, hebephrenic (Scott Carr), Mental Anguish (Chris Phinney), M Redacted, Daniel Prendiville, Deep 13, David Fuglewicz, Captive Audience, and My Easter Under the Stairs.

From the CD insert:

Loup-based composition is not a new form of music making. Artists Have been taking snippets of sound to create new music perhaps as long as they have been using tape as a recording medium; probably longer. However, computer-based tools have made the process much more accessible and intuitive for a growing number ot musicians, lending a tresh approach to the technique.

Having been involved with underground home recording artists for many years, I thought it would fascinating to take the raw elements of home recordings and make them available to artists through homemademusic.com, allowing anyone to reassemble the music in a creative fashion. It was an experiment to establish the idea that music can inspire and evolve with changing perspectives. That sounds created for songs even decades past, can form the nucleus of new compositions and offer new insight to historic material.

With that in mind, artists were given access to approximately a dozen loops by each loop artist to do with as they would… and the results you’ll find on tnis special compilation CD show an amazing retelling of the original works and effect a dramatic tribute to their creativity.

It also becomes a very exciting way to collaborate, in essence, with artists whose work we’ve enjoyed. To join our voices with theirs and bring out something altogether new.

Watch for more to come.. (and, indeed, more did come… 100+ albums of material and much more)







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