Various Artists – Harmony in Your Head (cassette, 1988)


GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, 4/1/1989:

This is a compilation tape put together by Tim Alborn of Incite! It’s apparent to me that that zine is borne simply out of the love of doing it– and this tape gives me the same feeling. Bands represented are: High Risk Group, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Ed’s Redeeming Qualities, Linda Smith and X-tal. I must say that X-tal just blew me away. Their singer sings verses picture-Lou Reed, with the lyrical depth to match; and choruses leap out with strong hooks you just can’t help singing along too. Brand me a fan, I guess. But this whole tape is full of excellent people with excellent songs. I’ll be playing it again and again. Also includes a handy contact insert (and it will certainly come in handy ‘cos you’ll definitely be wanting to get your hands on some more of this stuff).

Media: cassette.

PRICE: $4.00

CONTACT: Tim Alborn, Incite, PO Box 649, Cambridge, MA 02238, USA

Bandcamp URL:






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