RIP Typestyler Developer Ken Stillman

Typestyler developer Ken Stillman has passed away after a protracted battle with pancreatic cancer.

Typestyler was/is a mac program for making type fluorishes which was/is oddly something other programs like Adobe Illustrator have never managed to do with the kind of ease and sense of exploration as Typestyler.

Admittedly, in my hands when it came to creating titles and other things for GAJOOB zine and tape releases, I was having fun with it. The logo for GAJOOB #6 shows a typical Typestyler effect. The multi-volume GAJOOBilation #7 cover is excessively awesome.

Typestyler and Ken’s company Strider (after he took over the business of selling the software) was a family affair and it was usually Ken himself who responded to email and calls.

I distinctly had the impression Typestyler was a labor love for him.

RIP, Ken.






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