Review: ‘Mann’ by The Yellow Diary

The Yellow Diary, a quintet hailing from Mumbai, has been a stronghold in India’s indie rock scene for the better part of the last decade. With their pulsating pop tunes and heartfelt ballads, TYD has mastered the art of crowd engagement and emotional connectivity. Their long-awaited third EP, ‘Mann’, is no exception.

‘Mann’ is a three-track journey through the stages of a relationship, each song capturing a distinct emotion. It’s a concise yet impactful package that displays the band’s ability to create profound musical narratives.

I was struck by the band’s merging of jazz, lo-fi, power pop and EDM .

The opening track, “Mann”, is a nostalgic ode to the beginning of a relationship. Rajan Batra’s lyrics beautifully capture the couple’s reminiscence of their shared journey. The surprising piano part at the end, played by guitarist Harshvardhan Gadhvi, adds an unexpected twist to the song’s arrangement.

The second track, “Sada”, is a fan-favorite that has finally found its home on this EP. Originally recorded in 2016, the band decided to re-record it for ‘Mann’. The song’s essence remains the same— a testament to the guiding force of love in a relationship. The band’s decision to retain the song’s original spirit while refreshing its sound is commendable and shows their respect for their musical evolution.

Finally, “Kaun Mera” stands out for its unique approach. Originally written in 2018, the band chose not to re-record it, preserving the authentic emotions embedded in the song. This decision to respect the song’s original form shows their appreciation for their musical journey and growth.

In summary, ‘Mann’ is a beautifully crafted EP that takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. The Yellow Diary’s ability to deliver such a powerful narrative in just three songs is impressive, showcasing their skillful songwriting and deep understanding of human emotions.

The EP is a testament to The Yellow Diary’s evolution as a band, their ability to connect with their audience on a deeper level, and their respect for their musical journey. It’s a thrilling listen that leaves you eagerly anticipating what they’ll come up with next.






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