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  • Gamegerm


    Gamegerm is an innovative audio recording game that resides on Tapegerm.com. The project engages participants by presenting them with a random assortment of Tapegerm source files, with the challenge being to craft a recording utilizing each of these components. This collective project thrives on the principle of collaboration – artists share loops and work together…

  • Greige Travail – Mr. Only Has A (Cassette, 1989)

    Greige Travail – Mr. Only Has A (Cassette, 1989)

    #3728 Label Notes We are Justin Hughes and Zak Sitter. We are located in Atlanta (as is Bangaway [Productions]). We hope to have a 4-track soon, although this tape was all normal tape recording. This is our 5th tape. All our stuff is available on Bangaway. We also have tracks on “Immunity By Inoculation” (Bangaway),…

  • Daniel Prendiville Tapegerms

    Daniel Prendiville Tapegerms

    Tapegerm guest artist projects offered a set of loops and sounds for recording artists to download and create something new using one or more of the sources. Albums were compiled that had a unique sound; diverse by way of the different artists participating, while also having common elements that gave each collection a kind of…

They say there’s a song inspired by William Shatner, the Blair Witch Project and Spinal Tap.gajoobzine.com/albums/monkey-power-trio-future-past-present-vinyl-2001/

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