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  • Irre Tapes Ad 1989 (Kronstadt et al)

    Irre Tapes Ad 1989 (Kronstadt et al)

  • Irre Tapes Ad 1989

    Irre Tapes Ad 1989

    An ad from 1989 featuring the Night and Day (Dreams) compilation (with Angels of Odd, Gypsy, Opera Multi Steel, Nostalgie Eternelle, Sektor, Joseph Boys, Trigger 8, Acid Dreams and more), the Rambo compilation (featuring X-ray Pop, Ventral Metaphor, Monochrome Bleu, Lord Litter, Inutil, Trigger 8, Acid Dreams, Sack, Baba-Lu, Soheric Corner, Marco Oope-Ra and many…

  • Irre Tapes

    Irre Tapes

    Label Profile 00232 A seminal West German tape label run by Matthias Lang.

The melody is ethereal, floating above the rhythm like a specter, enveloping the listener in its ghostly embrace.gajoobzine.com/albums/marguerite-sissie-this-yokai-i-know-digital-2023/

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