Call for Submissions: The Vision Of Twilight (closed)

Chris Phinney (Harsh Reality Music) will be producing, mastering etc. a compilation of EC artists only! (EC stands for the Electronic Cottage Facebook group).

The theme is loosely based on your interpretation of The Vision Of Twilight.

No more than 6 minutes in length, give or take a few.

It will be released as a co-release on Hal’s EC compilation Bandcamp & Harsh Reality Music.

It will be heavily promoted on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter etc.

All contributors shall recieve 5 codes for your participation.

Any & all styles accepted.

Send your material by We Transfer or google drive to

Deadline: January 31st at Midnight Central standard time is the deadline.

If you would like to include a piece of art to go with your track feel free to do so, if not it will revert to the cover.

Include your artist name, track title of course. Instrumentation used & any links to further promote your music.

I look forward to your participation & music, art etc, plus releasing & promoting.

The cover art will be done by Mick Magic!






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