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  • Evolution Control Committee – The Wheel Of Mashup (Video 2005)

    The Evolution Control Committee debuts The Wheel Of Mashup, live at Bootie SF (DNA Lounge) on 05/12/2006. The Wheel is actually two wheels: one for the music, one for the vocals. Whatever pair results gets mashed up on the spot!

  • Captive Audience – 6 Short Films

    Captive Audience – 6 Short Films

    VHS Video 5105 DOWNLOAD @ ARCHIVE.ORG Lost Highway is a short film by Captive Audience from a 1999 VHS tape, Vol. 2: Six short films. Copyright 1999 Conley/Warwick. The VHS is from the Ken Clinger Library and has the Captive Audience duo of Conley and Warwick making videos with camcorder and humor mostly intact. Below…

The key (for all my music) is – was it FUN… for me, for the other players, for the listener(s) (if there are any, lol).Dick Metcalf (Rotcod Zzaj)