Category: Collaboration Projects

  • Call for Submissions: The Vision Of Twilight (closed)

    Chris Phinney (Harsh Reality Music) will be producing, mastering etc. a compilation of EC artists only! (EC stands for the Electronic Cottage Facebook group). The theme is loosely based on your interpretation of The Vision Of Twilight. No more than 6 minutes in length, give or take a few. It will be released as a…

  • Greige Travail – Mr. Only Has A (Cassette, 1989)

    Greige Travail – Mr. Only Has A (Cassette, 1989)

    GAJOOB Library #3728 Label Notes We are Justin Hughes and Zak Sitter. We are located in Atlanta (as is Bangaway [Productions]). We hope to have a 4-track soon, although this tape was all normal tape recording. This is our 5th tape. All our stuff is available on Bangaway. We also have tracks on “Immunity By…

  • Daniel Prendiville Tapegerms

    Daniel Prendiville Tapegerms

    Tapegerm guest artist projects offered a set of loops and sounds for recording artists to download and create something new using one or more of the sources. Albums were compiled that had a unique sound; diverse by way of the different artists participating, while also having common elements that gave each collection a kind of…

It is basically the sound of a man having a nervous breakdown. But I generally do some of my best work when I’m hovering on the edge of insanity.Jim Shelley