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  • Brand New Noise

    Brand New Noise

    Richard Upchurch made a simple audio recording unit housed in a wooden box for his nephew who took it to school. Then several teachers wanted one. And before he new it, he was making and designing new music and sound gizmos for a living. The Krankie featured below is just one of the instruments that…

  • Arturia MiniFreak

    Arturia MiniFreak

    Arturia’s MiniFreak 6-voice synthesizer comes as a nice surprise to many of us synth crazy home recording artists. In many ways it’s an upgrade from the awesome little MicroFreak. The name gives that away. But in many ways it’s getting its own freak on. Like many of you other synth crazy unfortunates reading this, I…

  • is a highly recommended manufacturer of cassettes, CDs, vinyl and even VHS tapes.

  • Cassette G-Card Template

    Cassette G-Card Template

    Reddit user HuecoTanks shared a template for a printable cassette G-Card case.

  • Teenage Enginering PO-80 Record Factory

    Teenage Enginering PO-80 Record Factory

    The Teenage Engineering website describes the PO-80 as: PO-80 record factory is a compact and portable record cutter, made in collaboration with yuri suzuki. engrave and playback 5″ discs with ultra-analog lo-fi sound – simply plug in any audio device to the 3.5 mm audio input and cut your own record in an instant. yep, it’s really that…

  • Signature Sounds (free loops)

    Signature Sounds (free loops)

    Signature Sounds offers a load of free loops and one shots from this musician’s creations over many years. Judging from the titles of the packs below the selections appear to be curated by someone really into recording everything around. The field recordings are from around Edinburgh, Scotland. The only ask is a donation if you…

  • Azu Tiwaline’s Reaktor Instruments 

    Azu Tiwaline’s Reaktor Instruments 

    Native-Instruments’ new blog from 1-21-21 features Azu Tiwaline and her shortlist of favorite Reaktor instruments. Some have been around for years and could be called “old skool” electronic at this point (is that a thing now?). Check it out at

  • Hands On The Casio CT-S1000V Vocal Synthesizer

    Hands On The Casio CT-S1000V Vocal Synthesizer

    This has moved to

The key (for all my music) is – was it FUN… for me, for the other players, for the listener(s) (if there are any, lol).Dick Metcalf (Rotcod Zzaj)